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Do Hit Chair: Cool or Stupid?

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  January 4, 2010

Designed by Marijn van der Poll of Droog Designs, the Do hit chair isn’t much of a chair in its vanilla state. It’s simply a 40″ x 28″ x 30″ stainless steel box, about 0.05-inches thick. But it also comes with a wide-headed hammer. Guess what you can (have to?) do with the box.

do hit chair

That’s right; van der Poll draws a very thin line between customization and destruction. Here’s the designer himself “customizing” a Do hit chair:

I hate to be a downer here, but even though whaling on your furniture seems like a fun activity, I don’t think you’ll ever make a comfortable chair out of it. Not that that’s the point of the whole thing. Eh, at least you get a free sledgehammer out of the deal. Contact to request the price of the Do hit chair.

[via uncrate]