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Smartfish’S Motorized Keyboard Aims to Relieve Stress

 |  |  |  |  |  |  January 7, 2010

CES is a great time to find some interesting ideas. This latest is from Smartfish and it aims to relieve stress by using motors in keyboards.

smartfish ergonomic keyboard input

How does this work? Every so often – depending on your workload, the keyboard slightly moves around so that your wrists don’t ache. This helps avoid stress injuries that come from repetitive use.

smartfish ergonomic keyboard input

I know that I’m using a keyboard almost all of the time, every day, and I know that if you’ve got the wrong posture or aren’t careful enough, you’ll end up with some kind of an injury or pain. Personally, this has never really been an issue, but I can imagine that if you are in front of a screen 10 hours-a-day, typing away, it could be a concern.

It’s either brilliant or ludicrous. The two halves move about and the base subtly vibrates one or twice an hour to massage your wrist. This all depends on the how hard you type and for how long. Whatever it is, it will be available in mid-April for $150 (USD).

[via DVice]