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Cinq Sprouts an Extra Monitor From the Side of Your Laptop

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  January 9, 2010

No matter how big or small your laptop is, it never has as much screen real estate as that ginormous widescreen display you have sitting on your desktop. Now there’s a solution for that which should give you just a little more space for those widgets, palettes and extra web pages you want open at the same time.


Tucked away on the far edge of the CES show, I came across these nifty new CINQ monitors from Sideline, which extend the display of your laptop without the need for any external power supply. The CINQ display attaches to the lid of your laptop, and gets all of its juice from your USB port. The video signal also travels via USB, thanks to DisplayLink technology. The display also sports an extra SD card reader slot in case you need one.


Each CINQ display measures 10.1″ diagonal, has 1024 x 600 resolution, and energy-efficient LED backlighting. If you’ve ever worked on a netbook, this is basically the same display. The displays work in landscape or portrait mode (either by rotating the mount or through software) and can be removed off of the back of your laptop when not in use. Power consumption is 2.8 watts max, which is pretty low, but will put a little extra drain on your laptop battery if you’re not plugged into the wall.

The prototype I saw had a fairly large mounting plate that has to be adhered (with removable adhesive) to the lid of your computer, but I’m hoping they’ll refine this before it ships. You don’t see the mount when you’re using the computer, but I could imagine it might get in the way when the lid is closed and you try to fit your laptop into your travel bag. The production CINQ will also ship with a small desktop stand, and a nice little protective sleeve for travel.

Sideline expects to ship the CINQ sometime in Q3 2010, and it will retail for around $249 (USD) and will offer both Mac and PC video drivers. You can reserve one now at, and get yourself a $50 early bird discount offer when they actually ship.