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Super Mario Sweater Vest: the World’S Most Powerful Bully Magnet

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Written by Lambert Varias | January 12, 2010

Unless of course the bullies in your area are gamers as well, in which case they’ll just ask that you hand this vest over to them. Or else.

super mario sweater vest front

For those too young to know, the vest features a screenshot from World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. Super knitter sister Happy Seamstress made the vest for her husband, who apparently is the 10-year old version of John Hodgman. I’m kidding, Mr. Happy Seamstress (and Mr. John Hodgman).

super mario sweater vest back

Happy Seamstress has been asked for a knitting pattern as many times as Mario has abused that poor World 3-1 turtle’s shell for extra lives, so she’ll be posting said knitting pattern soon. Meanwhile check out her site so you can gather the materials and practice her instructions.

[via Sprite Stitch]