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Toshiba Rx Medical Tablet Pc: the Clipboard Evolved

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Written by Lambert Varias | January 17, 2010

Seems like Lenovo has set a standard for the form of the computers of the near future with their Ideapad hybrid tablet. Toshiba has a similar and sensible concept for a medical computer: The Toshiba Rx replaces the traditional clipboard and medical sheet used in hospitals in favor of a touchscreen tablet: “Using state of the art medical software, nurses and doctors can document, diagnose, communicate and educate while bedside or on the go.”

toshiba rx medical tablet pc 1

It’s an elegant improvement over traditional notetaking – a digital clipboard means less paper, less waste, and easier filing and archiving. For instances that call for heavy typing, the tablet can dock into a charger/keyboard module. As Coroflot‘s Geoffrey Cooper said, in the future it would be cheaper to have these docks scattered throughout a hospital as opposed to buying an equivalent number of conventional computers.

toshiba rx medical tablet pc 2

Since the Rx is meant to be used in hospitals, the tablet and the dock are encased in washable rubber. The dock has a touchpad, but a mouse can also be connected if needed.

toshiba rx medical tablet pc 3

I’m no doctor, but I do think that Toshiba has a very promising design here. Of course the software in the Rx will be critical as well, but hardware-wise (and until the time comes when computers can be implanted into our brains), the tablet-keyboard/charger combo seems to be the best way to have a computer with the maximum portability and versatility.

[via Coroflot via gizmowatch]