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Is This a Game? Pokes Fun at Achievement Addicts

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  January 20, 2010

…who will probably love it anyway. Like Upgrade Complete, the flash-based Is This A Game? focuses on one aspect of (modern) video games and just runs with it. And like Upgrade Complete, Is This A Game? is simple, funny and addictive. The point? Unlock achievements using your mouse, your keyboard, your brain, and lots and lots of your time.

is this a game

It’s much more abstract than Upgrade Complete because there really is no other game. It’s just you and the menus. Still don’t understand how it works? I unlocked the “Nope, no game here” achievement by clicking on the word “Game”. Click the instructions and you unlock an achievement (what’s funny is that there are video games that award you for finishing their tutorial/initial stages). Given it’s mechanic, there’s no real incentive to go through Is This A Game? a second time. That is if you manage complete it. I’m pretty sure I won’t find all of the achievements. Itching to be virtually rewarded? Go to CMSBox to get your fix.

And I just unlocked an achievement while writing this post. Seriously. WTF?

[via Download Squad]