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Sleep Remaining Indicator: Neither an Alarm Nor a Clock, but It Involves Legos and a Laser So Who Cares?

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  January 22, 2010

So what is it really? It is exactly what it says it is. Made by Nirav Patel, the Sleep Remaining Indicator is a homemade gadget that indicates how long you have to sleep by shining a laser beam on the ceiling (or I guess wherever you want it to shine). As the preset wake-up time draws near, the laser beam grows shorter and shorter. It’s a nerd’s hourglass, if you will.

sleep remaining indicator laser alarm clock 1

Patel uses a potentiometer dial in the number of hours he wants to sleep, then hits the reset switch to kick things off for the night. The laser is attached to a servo, which aims the beam towards the roof of Lego pieces you see on the upper right. In effect, the Lego pieces shorten the laser beam as time goes by. Mr. Patel, a video of your creation in action would be nice.

sleep remaining indicator laser alarm clock 2

So why make a Sleep Remaining Indicator? Patel explains: “If… like me you wear glasses or contacts, the world when you are in bed turns into a blurry mess. Normally I reach over and unlock my phone or lean over and squint at my Chumby One, but those actions make it harder to get back to sleep. What I wanted was a way to instantly know how much longer I could sleep before my alarm would go off.”

I think he just wanted to build something using Lego blocks and lasers. Masters of Arduino can check out the code at Patel’s blog.

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