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The Secrets of the Apple Tablet in Wearable Form

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Written by Lambert Varias | January 26, 2010

Quick! Get yourself a Great Touchspectations shirt before Apple confiscates them! It has all of the Apple Tablet’s features, lifted directly from Steve Jobs’ mind by a psychic with a Mental Amplifier Helmet!


It’s a shame that I only saw this shirt today, a few hours before the actual tablet will be revealed (or not). Still, this is proof of how hyped-up this gadget has become. We didn’t see shirts joking about the features of the Zune or the PS3 did we?


You can get the shirt at Diesel Sweeties for $17 – $18 (USD) depending on the size.


But since this joke is likely to be obsolete tomorrow, scrooges like me can just download the wallpaper version of the list of features and save $18 that you can use to to put towards your actual tablet purchase instead.

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