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Intel Inside Casinos: Smarter Ways of Taking Your Money

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Written by Lambert Varias | January 27, 2010

Dhiram over at Newlaunches spotted this Intel video showing the company’s vision of a modern-day casino, one that can be managed remotely, has electronic card tables, Core2Duo-powered slot machines and even handheld gambling devices.

Intel inside casinos

It’s all fancy tech, but I don’t think the current gambling generation will be so impressed or welcoming of the improvements on their end. I mean, if you’ve been playing poker using good ol’ cards for decades, it won’t be that easy to switch to touchscreens won’t it?


Also, isn’t a Core2Duo slot machine just overkill? Will players be able to send instant messages or emails while playing? Will I be able to blog using the slot machine itself while gambling? Will I?