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Youme Will Let You “Control” Real People in Real Time

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Written by Lambert Varias | January 29, 2010

A company called DomsNetwork will launch a weird amalgam of servants and gaming with their Youme platform. Basically customers, the you, can send requests to a character, called a me. Yous can select mes based on “several demographic fields such as age, location, sex, height, weight” and so on. The request can be anything – talking to people, playing a game, going somewhere – as long as it doesn’t require you “to break the national laws of your country, or put you in danger.” The mes will be equipped with a bluetooth headset to receive instructions and a camera to stream footage to their yous. If you ask me, I wouldn’t want to be a me. I just don’t think this will work.

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Obviously if you want to be a you you’ll have to pay a fee, and as a me you’ll take a cut from that fee. But as I said, this concept has so many things going against it. For one, they’ll have to put a price on all requests, which, going by their definition, have infinite variations. Also, once you’re under contract as a me, what if you’re given a request that isn’t illegal or dangerous but is humiliating or painful (but not lethal, like say slapping one’s face 5 times)?

Would you want to be a you or a me? Will there be a we? Will there be us vs. them battles? Will there be hes, shes or its? Is this the best or the worst idea ever?

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