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White Goat Eats Paper, Poops Toilet Paper

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  February 1, 2010

Spotted at the Eco-Products 2009 trade show, Oriental Co. Ltd.’s White Goat is a paper shredder that turns the shredded bits of paper into toilet paper. It is named after the famous Japanese White Goat, which eats paper and then shits out toilet paper. Yeah that’s not true. I wish it was though.

white goat shredder toilet paper maker

The White Goat can make one roll of toilet paper from 40 sheets of A4 paper, saving up to 60 trees a year.

Sure, the toilet paper it produces isn’t exactly top-notch – it actually looks coarse – but wouldn’t it be awesome if you could shred your phone bill/failed exam/your office mate’s documents, turn it into toilet paper and then wipe your ass with it? Seriously though I can’t wait for this thing to be miniaturized. Every house should have a White Goat.

[via Popular Science]