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Forrest Jessee’S Sleepsuit Lets You Sleep Anywhere, Anytime

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Written by Range | February 2, 2010

Getting that 20-30 minute power-nap in during the day isn’t always easy. Depending on how long my day is or how hard I work, I try and take naps since I rarely get enough sleep at night. Forrest Jessee‘s Sleepsuit will enable you to take naps almost anywhere.

forrest jessee sleepsuit nap sleep

The connected rings of EVA foam that make up the Sleepsuit could fit in a briefcase or bag. The soft foam is coupled with strategically placed padding, making taking an impromptu nap easy as pie. This suit has been tested in the top four sleeping positions, that is: face up, face down, fetal position, and passed out at your desk.

forrest jessee sleepsuit nap sleep

The design of the Sleepsuit allows for a constant airflow, ensuring that you won’t be suffocating while snoozing. The Sleepsuit negates any time spent on preparing to take naps. That’s what Jessee found out while trying out polyphasic sleeping, replacing a full night’s sleep with four to six evenly spaced 30-45 minute naps.

forrest jessee sleepsuit nap sleep

You can get into it in under a minute the sleep almost anywhere. Sounds kind of interesting, though I’d stay away from polyphasic sleeping. On the other hand, power-naps are certainly a good thing when you work long hours – or when you’re just plain lazy.

forrest jessee sleepsuit nap sleep

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