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Blade Runner Stiletto Cop Heels Make You Want to Get Pulled Over

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Written by Range | February 4, 2010

These futuristic illuminated police stiletto heels are kind of look like a strange fusion of vehicles and shoes. I don’t really know why these are necessary, but hey, if they make police officers more visible they might be relevant at some point.

stiletto police heels shoes

This concept design for stilettos for police women were designed by artist Tim Cooper and are covered with intricate law-enforcement details, including tiny headlights, turn signals and strobe lights. Pity they’re not real and they’re just a 3D model. Still, if they are ever made, you bet that they’ll be noticed.

stiletto police heels shoes

They kind of remind me of Blade Runner for some reason.

stiletto police heels shoes

stiletto police heels shoes

[via Yanko Design]