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USB Giant Keyboard Lamps: Esc Darkness and Ctrl the Light

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Written by Paul Strauss | February 4, 2010

Need some extra light on your desktop so you can see what you’re typing? These whimsical lamps are great for computer geeks who want to show their love for their keyboards. They’re also pretty good if you’re a giant.


These oversize computer key LED lamps plug into a spare USB port, and provide a little extra accent lighting for your workspace. Each key measures in at about 5.86″ (w) x 5.07″ (d) x 2.95″ (h), which makes them about 80 times bigger than an ordinary key. Available in Esc, Del, Ctrl and Shift key designs, they turn on and off with just a little tap on the top.


USB Keypress lamps can be ordered over at USBGeek for just $14 (USD) each. Maybe someday they’ll make every key on the keyboard so I can make a giant one of these.