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Incense Smoking Robots: Huh, Wha?

 |  |  |  |  |  |  February 5, 2010

Normally, if I told you your robot was smoking, you’d have to send it in to a technician to have it looked at. I’m not quite sure why anyone came up with this idea, but they did. This little robot keeps your room nice and smelly, thanks to a incense burner hiding in its belly. Say, I made a rhyme, and I wasn’t even trying!


Even though these handmade German wooden robots measure just a little more than 6-inches tall, they should do a great job stinking up your entire room. Can you tell I don’t care for the way most incense smells? But I guess its better than the greasy oilcan aroma that most robots leave behind.


You can get your hands on these odoriferous little robots over at GeneralRobots, where they sell for €39.99 (appx. $54 USD) each.