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Project Natal Shows Up in ‘Smallville’

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  February 16, 2010

Project Natal is not scheduled to be released ’til later this year. Much later. Christmas later. But it seems Christmas came early for the super-powered citizens of Smallville, as Microsoft’s “Wii Killer” made a guest appearance on the latest episode of Smallville, “Warrior.”

Halfway into the episode, during a scene where Chloe Sullivan (the show’s proto-Lois Lane before Lois was introduced in season four) flexes some journalistic muscle and feminine wile to charm some answers out of Alec, Smallville’s latest super-powered showboater, the two take turns dancing erratically playing Natal’s Ricochet. In the process, they confirm all my fears: Natal will be the most embarrassing way to play video game games ever. Don’t believe me? Check out this clip:

I haven’t watched any Smallville in years. This certainly doesn’t compel me to return. That the episode is about a prepubescent boy who finds a magical comic book and turns into a superhero doesn’t help, either. The whole thing is a giant nod to Shazam!/Captain Marvel, one of the most bizarre comic book characters I have ever read about.

However, this ham-fisted product placement does remind me of something…

Eat your pop culture references, Smallville!

[via Joystiq]