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New Mintyboost V2.0 Charges Your iPod and Still Looks Tasty

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Written by Range | February 19, 2010

One of the things I really hate is when my iPod runs out of power. There’s nothing much you can do about it, if you haven’t prepared for this. However, if I had the choice of portable rechargers, I’d most definitely go for the MintyBoost.

mintyboost charger runtyboost make ipod iphone

What is the MintyBoost? It’s a stylish and easy way of recharging any USB device. It can charge iPods, iPhones, cell phones, cameras, anything that needs to be plugged into a USB port. Make has just received these updated kits, which will let you build your own little recharger inside the tin of mints or candies.

mintyboost charger runtyboost make ipod iphone

MintyBoost kits only cost $20 (USD), but you’ll need to find your own tin mint box in order to house the mechanism. Or you can just choose a different box. The box in the pictures is actually a RuntyBoost, a slightly larger box that can house a charging cable as well.

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