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Nintendo Game & Watch Minis: Relive Your Youth, Only Smaller

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  February 19, 2010

Remember those old Nintendo Game & Watch LCD games from back in the 1980s? Well if you’re a fan of these classic precursors to modern handheld games, you’ll be happy to hear they’re back! Only this time, they’re much, much smaller.


Thanks to a partnership between TakaraTomy A.R.T.S. and Nintendo, we’re now getting these Game & Watch minis. Each game is a faithful miniature reproduction of its original version. Unfortunately, they’re not actually playable (boo!), but they do offer the authentic LCD animations from the originals. As an added bonus, the mini Game & Watch titles have a built in solar panel, so you never have to worry about batteries.


At this point, the titles available are Parachute, Octopus and Chef, so if you’re looking for Donkey Kong of Mario Bros. you’re outta luck for now. And despite the fact that they’re not actually playable, they’ll still look pretty cool hanging from your keychain. Here’s a little video showing them off in action:

They ship this April, and you can pre-order them all now over at Strapya World for just $11 (USD) each. What do you think the valet will think when I hand over my car keys with one of these hanging from them?

[via Gigazine]