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Robo Catcher is Way Cooler Than the Old Arcade Claw Game

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  February 20, 2010

Remember those games from the arcade where you have to try and grab a prize by delicately positioning a claw around your booty of choice? Those things always frustrated the crap out of me. At least this new version of the game looks like a bit more fun, thanks to its plentiful use of robotic technology.


Mechatrax’ ROBO CATCHER is a new take on the classic claw game that replaces the claw with a small humanoid bipedal robot. Instead of trying to direct the claw to grab your prize, you steer the robot towards a prize capsule, direct it to pick it up, and walk it to the prize drop at the edge of the machine.


Sound like fun? Check out the videos below to see ROBO CATCHER doing what he does best.

If you haven’t seen one around your neighborhood yet, ROBO CATCHER is coming to a Japanese arcade near you – if you happen to live in Japan, that is. And if you happen to have ¥990,000 (appx. $10,790 USD) to spare – plus shipping, you can buy one for yourself.

[via Gigazine]