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Ideum Mt-50 Multitouch Table: Surface Who?

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  February 21, 2010

Multitouch displays are cool – no question about it. However, most of the larger multitouch displays out there are one-off custom builds. And while Microsoft sells their multitouch Surface as a turnkey solution, it’s only got a 30-inch display. The guys over at Ideum have upped the game with their ready-to-use MT-50 multitouch table, which comes with a high-def 50-inch tabletop (though viewable area looks closer to about 40-inches diagonal).


The Ideum MT-50 retails for about $21,000 (USD) and is designed for use in museums, tradeshows and other exhibitions (why not my living room?) and features a massive 50-inch multitouch glass surface. It can detect up to 40 simultaneous points of input, so multiple users can interact with it at the same time. The MT-50 is designed for durability too. It’s built from aircraft-grade aluminum and steel, and the tempered glass tabletop is designed to be nearly indestructible.


The Ideum table offers a 1280 x 720 display, and ships with Gestureworks, a library which allows true multitouch interaction using Adobe Flash. By comparison, Microsoft’s Surface only has, 1024 x 768 resolution display, and requires that your develop apps using Microsoft proprietary toolkits such as WPF, XNA and Expression Blend. The MT-50 also bests the Surface standard build with a beefy 3GHz quad core CPU, versus Microsoft’s 2.13 GHz dual core.

The MT-50 has already found its way into numerous museum exhibitions, such as this recent mashup between Google Maps and Flickr used in an exhibit at the California Science Center.

And if the production 50-incher isn’t enough for you, the guys at Ideum have already built a custom 100-inch version of the table for one client:


Now all I need is one of these in my living room, and I’ll be all set.