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Piece of Glass Staircase From Apple Store Auctioned Off on Ebay

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  February 23, 2010

In a ridiculous attempt to cash in on fanboyism, eBay seller heylookitskibbe tried to auction off a piece of the spiral glass staircase from the Apple store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. One glass stair. Check that: one cracked glass stair. The starting bid: $200 (USD). The buy it now price: $2500. Surely no one would take up the offer!


But of course, the house that Steve Jobs built has its zealots: two people actually placed bids, at $250 and $300, for the stair. But for some reason heylookitskibbe ended the auction prematurely.

Fifth avenue apple store stairs

I guess it’s not too outrageous to assume that someone did buy the damned thing outside of eBay. It’s worth noting though that the seller claims that the 250-lb. glass stair is originally worth $10,000. I don’t know how much a cracked one is worth though.

[via TUAW]