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Singing Kero Alarm Clock: Dueling Frogs Wake You From Your Peaceful Slumber

 |  |  |  |  |  February 23, 2010

After watching and listening to the smiley singing frogs standing on the top of this weird Japanese clock, I’m pretty sure that I’d never want this thing in my bedroom. I have enough trouble easing my way into the day already, and to be blasted out of my deep REM cycles by a couple of loudmouth frogs singing unintelligibly would be enough for me to get out the baseball bat.


On the other hand, I suppose that if you’re a really deep sleeper and find yourself constantly hitting the snooze bar, there’s pretty much no way you’ll be able to keep sleeping once these little green guys get to croaking out their morning tunes. And if you get bored with the first song “Chorus of the Frogs,” you can always press a button and be serenaded with “The Peaceful Lake.” Trust me, once you listen to this thing, you’ll say there’s nothing peaceful about it.

The Singing Kero Clock was originally only available in Japan (where I believe it should have remained). However, our friends over at the Japan Trend Shop have been kind enough to see to it that the rest of the world can be tortured by the strains of these vocally-challenged froggies for the low, low price of $52 (USD).

Ribbit. Now wake the hell up!