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The Headphones to Rule All Other Headphones!

 |  |  |  |  |  |  February 26, 2010

These amazing headphones will make your puny little earbuds look like nothing! These headphones were designed by William Gerwin do everything you’d ever want your headphones to do, and then some.

headphones william gerwin camera digital projector

To start out with, the headphones are wireless. They also have a 10.1 MP digital camera as well as a portable projector built into them.

william gerwin headphones media camera mobile

The headphones can capture and send video files to your computer via Wi-Fi, which could then push them out to the internet for sharing. While this is just a concept design, all of the technology needed to make these is readily available to day.

william gerwin headphones media camera mobile

Anyway, this thing was made for explorers and people who want to capture all of  their lives on camera. It’s a sort of a mobile studio you strap to your head. The whole thing seems very Cyberpunk to me.

[via Yanko Design]