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Strobeshnik Hard Drive Clock Tells Time Perfectly Once It Spins Up to Speed

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Written by Paul Strauss | March 6, 2010

Check out this cool clock made from an old hard drive. Built by modder Svofski, the clock tells time on the face of the hard drive’s rapidly spinning platter.


The Strobeshnik hard drive clock uses a stroboscopic effect to make it look like the numbers of the clock are persistent on the face of the drive platter – which Svofski galvanically etched to make the cool cutout numbers.


A set of LEDs is positioned behind the platter, and a custom controller circuit automatically coordinates the rapidly blinking LEDs to illuminate precisely when the appropriate number window in the platter is lined up in the right location.


Here’s a video clip of the Strobeshnik clock in action. When it’s first spinning up, it just looks like a bunch of jibbrerish. But wait for it… wait for it… when the drive hits the right speed, the time is there – just as perfect as any other clock.

For a full build log, schematics and source code for the Strobeshnik, head on over to Svofski’s website.

[via Hacked Gadgets]