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Dolby Axon Brings Voice Chat Surround Sound: Soon You’Ll Know From What Direction That Insult is Coming From

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  March 12, 2010

Video games have had surround sound for quite some time now, but Dolby wants to up the ante and provide surround voice chat with Dolby Axon. Dolby claims that Axon effectively creates a more realistic experience by making the volume and intensity of voices change relative to the location of the speakers’ in-game character. If Leeroy Jenkins’ and his party played had Dolby Axon tech on that fateful day, everyone would have heard Leeroy’s voice fade away as he ran off on a mission to make the whole world laugh.

Dolby Axon logo

Dolby says that gamers will be able to enjoy Axon whether they’re on a high-end 7.1 setup or if they only have standard headsets. Axon also provides other effects aside from surround voice chat. I’ll let Spencer the talkative gunner share them with you:

It doesn’t take a genius to know that this technology adds a new dimension to multiplayer games, making owning a headset a requirement, unless you want everyone else to enjoy the added advantage Axon offers. I’m not too impressed by the voice effect feature though. I can see a lot of gamers adopting a high-pitched screechy voice just to be annoying. But at least now you’ll hear where they are, so it’ll be easier to defeat them and shut them up.

[via Xboxic]