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AT-ATs and AT-STs Invade Postcards

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Written by Range | March 23, 2010

Even though “cute aliens” are the idea behind Franco Brambilla‘s art, what I really find interesting is the funny vignettes into which Brambilla has injected these Star Wars vehicles and ships.

star wars vintage franco brambilla vignette postcard

I’ve never considered an AT-AT or an AT-ST cute, but these paintings, which are supposed to look like postcards, made me chuckle. At first, I had to look a few times to realize what I was looking at.

star wars vintage franco brambilla vignette postcard

What’s really cool is that these funny postcards are available in a variety of ways, from limited edition prints via his website, to actual postcards and calendars. There are even t-shirts! Brambilla’s project was started in 2007 and is still ongoing. Let’s hope it keeps on going.

[via Presurfer]