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Fansub Failure: When Things Don’T Go According to Keikaku

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  March 24, 2010

Anime fans are no doubt familiar with fansubs – short for ‘fan-subtitled’ – unauthorized translations of anime. The Japanese language isn’t the easiest language to master (is there a rank of that somewhere?), and so the quality of fansubs vary depending on the, well, fans. Sankaku Complex posted a few of the fansub fails, whether due to inadequate understanding of Japanese, laziness, or sheer stupidity, as is the case with the screenshot below:

anime fansub fail 1

And my personal favorite:

anime fansub fail 2

I know that fansubs are labors of love, done for free and for the good of millions of non-Japanese speaking anime fans, but come on. Seriously. Let’s have some standards here. Here are some more fails:

More at Sankaku Complex. Fansubbers, feel free to share your side of the story. How hard is it to sub? How long does it take? Have any of you been sued? And where’s the car?