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Command & Conquer: Draconian Shutout: Ea Blogger Booted Out of Game Because of Drm

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Written by Lambert Varias | March 25, 2010

EA.com editor-in-chief Jeff Green recently tweeted about his difficulties with his own company’s DRM: “Booted twice — and progress lost — on my single-player C&C4 game because my DSL connection blinked. DRM fail. We need new solutions.” Similar to Ubisoft’s new DRM, Command & Conquer 4 requires gamers to be constantly connected to the Internet even in single player mode, a requirement as absurd as it is faulty. At least Green was man enough to share his criticisms about EA’s policies.

command & conquer kane drm

Granted, it may have been Green’s “finicky” Internet connection that was the direct cause of his problem, but why should one’s enjoyment of a single-player game be dependent on another service (beyond electricity of course)? Green proposes alternative modes of verification, but unless people stop buying games with DRM, I doubt that EA would listen even to one of its own.

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