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Pcubee: 3d-Ish Cubic Display is Truly Spectactular

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  March 25, 2010

With all the buzz about 3D televisions coming out this year, the biggest problem with these displays is that they require special glasses to create the 3D illusion in your eyeballs. While this new device prototype doesn’t produce truly stereoscopic images, the effect it produces is the next best thing.


Created by an engineering team at the University of British Columbia’s Human Communications Technology Lab, the pCubee is a handheld display comprised of 5 flat-panel LCD screens. The cube automatically adjusts to movements and allows users to interact with objects inside a virtual 3D world rendered inside the cube. Check out the video below to see how truly impressive the effect can be:

No word if and when the technology will be commercialized, but this is definitely the type of 3D technology that gets me excited. Thankfully, with no stupid looking glasses strapped to my head.

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