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Web Browsers Illustrated

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Written by Range | March 30, 2010

Caldwell Tanner is a cartoonist for College Humor and he made this great little cartoon comparing the different browsers to their equivalent modes of transportation…


I found this hilarious, especially when I saw what he chose to represent Firefox. I use Firefox as my main browser, but it’s true that it can quickly become overloaded if you use too many add-ons or extensions. A fresh install is always nice when those memory leaks start to bog you down.

I do use Chrome sometimes, especially if I don’t want to open all of my saved tabs in Firefox, I’ve also noticed that it’s pretty fast, though in my unscientific tests, it’s not faster than Firefox. Still, Chrome and Firefox are getting more and more extensions and add-ons.

Which browser do you use most? And don’t say Lynx.

[College Humor via Presurfer]