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Pad-Dock iPhone to Tablet Converter Promises to Make Your iPhone an iPad

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Written by Shane McGlaun | April 1, 2010

For any writer of tech, April 1 is a day of reckoning. This is the day when you never know if that cool item you see on another site or online is real or if it’s a fake put there to be believable enough to trick consumers into trying to buy and writers into covering it.

iphone ipad dock

I ran across this Pad-dock iPhone to Tablet converter today and knew right away that it had to be a fake. Click on the buy link and my suspicions were confirmed. The thing claimed to be able to dock your iPhone in the back and show the screen on the larger dock LCD on the front.

This is actually an interesting product idea, and I bet many folks will click it and try to buy it today. I guess if you really want a larger screen for your iPhone, you could always buy a magnifying glass.