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Doctor Mobius’ Big Hairy & Scary LEGO Spider

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  April 2, 2010

Jason Ruff, also known as Doctor Mobius, created this big hairy spider out of LEGOs. It’s pretty awesome and has thousands of hair spikes covering its body.

lego toys spider jason ruff doctor mobius

If that isn’t enough to give you arachnophobia, the spider comes complete with egg missiles and drones. Ever since I first discovered Spider-Man, I’ve had a weakness for spiders, so it doesn’t particularly creep me out.

lego toys spider jason ruff doctor mobius

What’s really amazing about this build is the amount of detail that went into it. It starts to make sense when you take a look at it closely, but it’s only then that you see what kinds of bricks were used to make this thing. Even so, it’s kind of amazing how un-LEGO-like this build looks.

lego toys spider jason ruff doctor mobius

[via Brothers Brick]