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Cyborg Plant Goes on Walkabout

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Written by Range | April 8, 2010

This robotic plant can go on walkabout whenever it pleases. It was created by the Mexican artist Gilberto Esparza, who specializes in thought-provoking robot creations, as well as mechanical sculptures.

cyborg robot plant gilberto esparza mexico art

The Plantas Nomadas robot plant is part robot, part plant. I guess that’s kind of obvious from the name. It’s nomadic and it can walk about, slurping water from contaminated rivers to keep itself going. Thanks to a microbial fuel cell, the elements of the contaminated water are decomposed and turned into energy, that will feed the “brain” behind this robot.

cyborg robot plant gilberto esparza mexico art

It’s definitely an interesting concept. I wonder why they don’t make thousands of these and release them into the wild to help clean up the environment.

If you’d like to check it out in person (and happen to live in Spain), you can see Plantas Nomadas at Laboral, Gij√≥n (Spain) through June, 7, 2010.

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