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Retrode Copies Your Favorite Classic NES Games

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Written by Range | April 14, 2010

Imagine if you could find a use for all those classic games that you’ve got laying about your garage or basement? Sure, from time to time, I get out my NES or SNES and play a few classic games, like Contra or Shadow of the Ninja. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to play these on your computer without having to resort to illicit ROM downloads from the Internet?

retrode classic video games genesis snes sega

You’ve probably noticed all of the classic games that are coming back out again as video game companies look to cash in on older games through services like Xbox Live Arcade and the Wii online store – but these are sometimes¬† ports and not emulations of the original games. The Retrode is a basic device which can copy your real old SNES or Genesis cartridges to your computer. It ports them into ROMs via a USB cable, and then the ROMs can then be played with the appropriate emulator.


Be prepared to pay for it though: it costs about $100 (USD). Or you could simply find a way of getting some ROMs without Retrode…

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