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Flushing Noise Generator Still Doesn’T Cover Up the Smell

 |  |  |  |  |  |  April 21, 2010

Apparently in Japan, the toilets in many public female restrooms are equipped with an Otohime (“Sound Princess”). Otohimes produce a flushing sound when activated, presumably to mask lady farts or umm… other sounds that may be produced while on the throne. But not all public restrooms have Otohimes; what if you travel to America and find that *gasp* not even a five-star hotel has an Otohime in their restrooms?! How will your prim and dignified rectum be rid of its dainty lady load now? Keitai Otohime to the rescue!


Keitai Otohime is a small version of the Otohime, so you can shit rest assured that any undesirable sound will be covered by the gentle sound of rushing water. Activate it whenever your boyfriend opens his big mouth, for instance.

You can order the Keitai Otohime at Japan Trend Shop for $36 (USD).

[via Random Good Stuff]