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R2-D2 USB Vacuum Cleans Up the Dark Side of Your Desktop

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Written by Paul Strauss | April 22, 2010

This R2-D2 vacuum cleaner from Taito is perfect for picking up those bits of orange Cheeto dust you left all over your desktop.


The tiny handheld Artoo gets his power from your computer’s USB port and probably provides just enough suction to clean up equally tiny bits of dirt and debris. Speaking of USB power, I wonder if the universe would implode if you plugged R2 into one of these.

Still, it’ll look really cool sitting in your cubicle. You can pre-order one over at NCSX now for $20.90 (USD). Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until August to receive yours unless you can work up some Jedi mind tricks on the NCSX folks to convince them to ship one out earlier.