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Ibrite Drawing App for iPad: Lite Brite 2.0

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Written by Lambert Varias | April 29, 2010

Hey do you remember Lite Brite? I don’t. But it seems to be a classic. If you’re one of it’s fans, I have good news for you! The classic toy now has a more modern version, and it’ll only cost you a couple of bucks! You’ll need to have an iPad though. The app is called iBrite, and it has all the things you love about Lite Brite but none of the hassles.

ibrite ipad app

It’ll still take you quite some time to create a full portrait, but you’ll certainly draw a lot faster on it than on ye old Lite Brite. Plus, there are no pegs to pick up or keep track of! (or lose behind the couch cushion, or keep your kid brother from eating).


You can download the app at the iTunes app store (link opens iTunes) for only $2 (USD). Again, it’s only for the iPad, but who knows, maybe they’ll come up with an iBrite Lite for the iPhone.

[via iLounge]