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Octane 120 Beer Arcade: Drinking and Driving in the Comfort of Your Own Living Room

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Written by Paul Strauss | May 2, 2010

This crazy home arcade system combines the fun of arcade racing with the fun of drinking beer – all without risk of getting a ticket or worse yet, killing anyone.

Dream Arcades’ Octane 120 Beer Arcade is the perfect entertainment centerpiece for any mancave. The system combines a sit-down arcade racing cockpit with a double-keg beer cooler. Did I happen to mention it has a tap in the dashboard?


The Octane 120 sports a nice leather-wrapped force-feedback steering wheel controller and matching gear shifter. It’s also got metal gas, clutch and brake pedals. The system bundle includes a choice of a “high-end” gaming PC, a PS3 or Xbox 360, as well as a 2000 lumen, 1024×768 projector, a 5.1 audio system and a 120-inch portable projection screen.

With its $6995 (USD) pricetag, it’s not exactly cheap – but it is a whole lot less expensive than totalling your real vehicle and the ensuing lawsuit(s) and jailtime you’d get for guzzling beer while driving.

[via The Drunken Moogle]