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Husqvarna Demolition Robot: the Ultimate in Automated Destruction

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  May 12, 2010

Destroying things is fun. Destroying things with robots is even cooler, especially with large robots that are basically used in construction and have a full-sized jackhammer on board. That’s the DXR 310 in a nutshell.

husqvarna demolition robot terminator skynet

I love how Husqvarna uses the words “compact” in the description of this robot, but I’m not sure what they’re comparing it to for size reference. It’s certainly impressive and a lot safer for construction workers than trying to do this stuff themselves. However, I’m a little concerned these things might become sentient and take over the world. This could someday be just the reason why we all need to bow down to our robot overlords!

husqvarna demolition robot terminator skynet

The robot is definitely reminiscent of Skynet’s more rudimentary Terminators, but thankfully, this robot isn’t autonomous (yet). It’s basically a gigantic R/C controlled ‘bot, which is kind of awesome in my book. Here’s the corporate video, although I have to say that I’m disappointed that it’s just a series of stills, not a full-blown video of the ‘bot destroying stuff. Boo.

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