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See-Thru Tablet: DIY iPad

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Written by Range | May 17, 2010

Some modders can really do amazing stuff. Check out this cool tablet PC mod from Chinese modder Pandepig (Google translation).

diy pandepig china tablet mod hack ipad touchscreen

He used a normal 12″ laptop and stuffed it into a clear polycarbonate laptop cover. Then, he added a touch screen, controller, and secured everything in place with spacers, et voilĂ ! His own little Frankenpad.

diy pandepig china tablet mod hack ipad touchscreen

Although the clear case is nice, I’d prefer something sleeker, like carbon fiber or brushed aluminum, but what do you want for handmade tech? Sure, it’s no iPad, but the DIY tablet runs Windows 7, and since it uses laptop brains, it can probably run any OS, like Ubuntu. Try doing that on your Apple tablet!

[Shanzai.com via Make:]