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Emoticon Rubber Stamp: Otaku Approved

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Written by Lambert Varias | May 18, 2010

Designed by Ginguni for Japanese brand gung, this handmade rubber stamp will let you mass-produce endearing (at first, and then they’re just freaking annoying) emoticons. We’re not talking about simple smileys and sad faces here – this rubber stamp is for hardcore emoticon enthusiasts. It can stamp Japanese-style emoticons of up to 7 characters. Kawaii, I guess.

emoticon rubber stamp 1

You can even create a brand-new expression, because the stamp allows you to combine characters in over 2,000 ways. Just how many expressions are there anyway?

You can pre-order the emoticon rubber stamp from gung or from caina for ¥2,700 (approx. $29 (USD)). Orders will ship starting May 21. I’m not sure if they’ll ship it outside Japan though. ( T _ T )

[via blankanvas via NOTCOT]