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Superhero Term Papers: They Should Stick to Crime-Fighting

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Written by Lambert Varias | May 30, 2010

Who loves writing term papers? Me neither. And if this archeological find is any indication, our beloved comic book heroes must have hated writing them too, mainly because they suck at it. Well, not everyone – the nerdy Peter Parker got an A+ on his paper, although I doubt his teacher knows the tragic story behind this:

superhero term papers spider man

This one’s from Batman. He must have been one creepy student:

superhero term papers batman

If Bruce became a member of the CSI, he wouldn’t be searching for DNA, he’d be dealing Kicks N’ Punches. Am I right? Finally, here’s one from Lois Lane; although she isn’t a superhero, this one is just too good to pass up:

superhero term papers lois lane

Check out the rest of the term papers – including a hilarious one from Hal Jordan – at Comics Alliance.