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Makerbot Makes Another Makerbot: Skynet Not Far Behind

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Written by Paul Strauss | June 5, 2010

The guys over at Make: are reporting that an enterprising DIYer has managed to use a MakerBot out of parts printed by another MakerBot.


Thingiverse member Christian Arnø (aka “Webca”), designed and printed about 150 individual MakerBot pieces using another Cupcake CNC-based MakerBot. As you can see from the CAD drawing below, it  actually only printed out the plastic parts that make up the shell of its offspring, and all of the mechanical, electronic and metal parts still had to be sourced by a human.


While it’s cool that we now have self-replicating robots, it does make me just a little bit worried that someday they’ll be able to do this without our help and decide to wipe us off the face of the planet. For now, they still need us.