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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Uniqlo Shirts: Buy 1 Shirt, Get 1 Soldier

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  June 13, 2010

Hideo Kojima’s latest masterpiece is already causing massive nergasms worldwide with its awesomeness. Proclaim your love for the latest member of the Metal Gear Solid series by getting these Peace Walker shirts, made by Japanese clothing company Uniqlo. You’re not just getting a shirt too, as each t-shirt will “also come with a special code that, when entered, will give fans access to both the same t-shirt of purchase as well as a soldier in the game.”

metal gear peace walker uniqlo shirts 1

For those not familiar with the game, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is a PSP game, continuing where MGS 3 left off, and hopefully finally giving loyal Metal Gear fans an acceptable story that will tie in the original Metal Gear with the rest of the franchise. Like the previous PSP MGS game Tactical Ops, Peace Walker has an army-building mini game – you can “recruit” enemy soldiers and have them do errands for you. And that’s where the Uniqlo tie-in comes in. As mentioned above, each shirt comes with a code that, when entered into the game, gives you a soldier. It also unlocks a virtual version of the shirt for Big Boss.

Unfortunately at this time, the US website of Uniqlo still isn’t showing the T-shirts, but I’m sure it’ll pop up in a couple of days. But! If you don’t want to get the shirt, but you do want to get the free soldier, you can copy the codes from this sneaky Gamespot thread. How’s that for espionage?

[via Uniqlo and Konami]