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Genostv Tvme: Youtube 2.0, Hulu Redo, or Actually Innovative?

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  June 15, 2010

This year a company called ShambroWest Corporation launched the “first-ever worldwide cable television network,” called GenosTV, which is a broadband-based service that will supposedly feature “cable, network and other media content from every geography and in every language across the world.” I pity the guy who has to make a channel guide for this. GenosTV also has another unique feature called TVme, which will supposedly allow GenosTV users to create their own channel at no extra cost, with the possibility of profiting from their channel.

tvme logo

As I said, GenosTV users can create their own channel free of charge. They can make it public, or accessible only to select people. If a user’s channel gets a lot of views, it will be moved to a subscription channel, “offered for sales for $1.00 per month per subscriber. At such time the user will get 50% of the gross revenues.” Aside from letting GenosTV subscribers set up their own channel, there are also paid categories for TVme, one for business owners  and for celebrities.

There seems to be no demo yet of TVme, or of GenosTV for that matter, so I can’t really say whether this idea will take off or not. I’m sure about one thing though: with this much promised content, GenosTV had better have a Google-caliber search engine, or else users will be left channel-surfing “cable, network and other media content from every geography and in every language across the world”, plus the TVme content. Read the press release for more details.