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Divetek is the Sweetest Water Floaty Thingy Ever

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Written by Shane McGlaun | June 16, 2010

Summer is here in Texas and it’s so hot already that ol’ Beelzebub himself won’t come to these parts until late in October. With it being so hot, you can count on folks making it to the lake or down to the coast. There are also many people that hit the backyard pool to keep cool as well.

No matter where you go for your water fun in the summer, this awesomely sweet Divetek inflatable raft thingy by designers Chao-yang Chou and Sian-Zong Chen is the coolest water toy you could possibly have. Sadly, it’s only a concept.


There’s two ways you can use the Divetek. First, you can blow up the inflatable raft on the back and use the motorized front-end propeller to pull you around. The other method involves deflating the raft portion and actually using the propeller to scoot you around under the water.

Me want!

[via Yanko Design]