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Kinect Forza Demo: Do Not Want

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  June 17, 2010

To show off the capabilities of the new Kinect, Microsoft presented a demo of Forza Motorsport, which will be released next year. The demo showed how we can drive cars just by putting our hands in the “10 and 2 positions,” as if holding a steering wheel. I think it also involves stepping on imaginary brakes and pedals. I don’t know.

microsoft kinect forza demo e3 2010 1

They also demo’ed a showroom-like feature, wherein you can view a car from different angles and even “step” inside, by actually moving around and craning your neck this way and that. Details about the car can also be accessed by selecting highlighted parts.

microsoft kinect forza demo e3 2010 2

My problem with this game is that it’s not in real 3D, hence the features are more annoying than fulfilling. By real 3D I mean this: the day will come when our TVs are actually rooms, rooms that project holographic images, immersing us in real, legit threedee. If I’m still alive by then then I would gladly use controller-free motion controls, because that’s the best way to emulate the feel of, say driving a car: you sit inside a holographic car, you look around you and you see the car’s interior, the road in front of you etc. You sit down, hold your hands up to a holographic (or some other term yet to be invented) steering wheel and off you go. But this?

Looking at a flat panel, standing while holding your hands up and moving your feet up and down, with no peripherals whatsoever? That looks tiring and makes no sense. If you ask me, the Wii-mote and the PlayStation Wii-mote Move are much less ridiculous ways of doing motion gaming, because they provide a tangible element which actually lends to the illusion of whatever act you’re supposed to be doing, while at the same time helping you act with more precision. And the showroom feature? If I’m staring at a flat image anyway, I’d rather sit on my couch and use the analog sticks to view the car, rather than move around tentatively. Seriously, what’s the benefit of doing that? Still, I’m sure the Kinect will have lots of fun games, and I hope there will be less games will be like this – tiring to play and awkward to navigate.

[via IGN’s YouTube Channel]