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Sonim Xp3 Sentinel Mobile Phone Calls for Help and Can Survive Anything You Can Throw at It

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Written by Shane McGlaun | June 17, 2010

I lead a sheltered life, I work from home and only have to leave each day to run errands and mess about. I could stay home for a week straight, and no one would notice if I was so inclined. Some folks actually have to get out in the world to work and some of the places people work are dangerous.

While the iPhone works fantastically for me, the thing wouldn’t last for long in the wilds. For the worker all alone in the middle of nowhere, an injury that might not be that big of deal in the normal world can be a major catastrophe in a remote area all alone. Sonim has a new mobile phone called the XP3 Sentinel just for these lone workers in challenging conditions. The device is ruggedized to military specs for water resistance shock, humidity, pressure, chemicals and more, and offers 2 months of standby time on a single charge.

The phone also has a cool call for help feature that uses green, amber, and red buttons. Red calls for help immediately even if the phone is locked and sends GPS coordinates for rescue. The amber button signals for close watching because of a hazardous environment, and the green is for starting and ending a shift. The only thing better would be if it worked on satellite networks, so you could get a signal anywhere.