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Sci-Fi Airshow: the Most Awesome Fake Exhibit You’Ll Ever See

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Written by Lambert Varias | June 22, 2010

Bill George has been in love with spaceships and other sci-fi props ever since he was a little boy. Now he’s a Visual Effects Supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic, but even his job is not enough to satisfy his craving for fictional spaceships. So he put up the Sci-Fi Airshow, a place where everyone can see – and sometimes ride – old but beautiful spaceships, like the proto-space shuttle Orion, the flying sub aka the Stingray, and the eccentric Spindrift. By the way, none of those ships actually exist.

sci fi airshow 1

But who says we can’t have galleries and exhibits filled with non-existent spaceships? Armed with his imagination, his camera and the magical Photoshop, George depicted scenes of the fictional location of the Sci-Fi Airshow, filled with people and of course the spaceships. Here’s a sampling of slides from the Sci-Fi Airshow’s guided tour:

But the ultimate proof of George’s nerdery is that he actually writes a page’s worth of fake histories for each of the spaceships in the Sci-Fi Airshow, even making up mock-posters or pictures of crash sites to support the text. So let’s visit the Sci-Fi Airshow! Admission is free. Touching the spaceships is prohibited, not to mention impossible.

[via Retro Thing]