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Buy This Metal Yoda, You Will.

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Written by Paul Strauss | June 23, 2010

Created entirely from old bits of metal and scrap parts, this diminutive (but life-size) Yoda sculpture looks awesome.


Handmade by Bangkok artist Yumi Modal, the only thing better would be if the little metal guy’s lightsaber actually lit up – but whaddya want for scrap metal? Of course, Yoda is not alone over at Yumi’s machine shop. He’s being kept company by everyone from Robocop to the Predator to the T-800 (with light-up eyeballs!)

Be sure to check out of Yumi’s other amazing metal creature creations here. Best part is that she ships all around the globe (although the shipping charges can be substantial).

[via Jadeice via Walyou]